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Farm Milk

Fine wines come in glass bottles–and so does the finest milk!

Sherman Farm Milk is from cows raised without growth hormones and antibiotics on a family-run farm.

Superior in quality and processed in small batches to maintain its great taste, Sherman Farm Milk is produced and processed by the Hatch family of Hatchland Farm in North Haverhill, NH. The milk is sold in our signature reusable glass bottles as glass is the best way to ensure a high-quality beverage–and you truly can taste the difference!
Year-Round at the Farm Market, we Offer:

Skim, Lite 1.5%, Whole

Chocolate, Coffee (seasonally)

Strawberry (seasonally)

Half and Half

Light Cream

Heavy Cream

Eggnog (seasonally)

Sherman Farm - Milk
Sherman Farm - Milk

NH's Dairy Industry

Courtsey of the Granite State Dairy Promotion

The New Hampshire dairy industry is located primarily in the Connecticut River Valley on the state’s western borders and along the Merrimack River Valley in the center of the state. There are approximately 94 dairy farms in New Hampshire with an average of 120 milking animals per farm.

Historically the dairy industry was the “king” of agriculture in the state. Dairy farming is an agricultural enterprise using many thousands of acres of tillable land for crops and grazing. This maintains open space, which provides numerous environmental benefits, and gives New Hampshire the rural character enjoyed by its residents and the many tourists. A continued reduction in the industry could create a major change in the complexion of the state’s countryside. Although New Hampshire could meet its needs for fluid milk with imports, consumers would lose the privilege of being able to buy a local, fresh product. 

The cost of production has exceeded farm income for a prolonged period, causing a continuous decline in farm numbers and putting the state’s dairy industry at risk.
Courtsey of Granite State Dairy Promotion

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