Open Friday and Saturday Nights Oct. 9th thru Oct. 31st  7-9pm

Admission Prices
$18.00 per person all ages


Due to the frightening nature of the haunted maze we ask that parents use their discretion for children over 10 who may be frightened by the setting and characters.

NO REFUNDS will be issued for those who choose not to enter the haunted maize. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The MAiZE Massacre – The Legend

The small town of East Conway NH is over flowing with rumors of Duncan Grimshaw and the massacre of his family. During tough times Duncan tried tirelessly to save his family farm with little success. The demise of the farm that was owned by his family for centuries was more than he could stand and stories are told of Duncan’s slow decline into insanity. Over time the farm fell into ruins and Farmer Grimshaw, his wife, and 2 children suddenly abandoned the farm. Rumor has it, Duncan’s madness rippled over and he murdered his family and disappeared into his cornfield under the cover of darkness, but no one knew for sure. Until recently when 3 shallow graves were discovered while the present owners were harrowing the corn fields, breathing new life into the once forgotten Grimshaw family.

In the 1960′s Farmer Sherman bought the run down farm against the advisement of many town elders. Mr. Sherman felt certain he could bring the farm back to its former glory. However, he was often told of broken down motorists, lost tourists and many other strange disappearances near his farm. Some call them coincidence but many locals fear that the demented Farmer Grimshaw is still out there punishing all that come near his precious family farm. The recent addition of the Corn MAiZE has stirred up the activity and some claim to see Duncan tending the crops and swinging his scythe and some claim to hear gruesome screams that can only come from the insane or from a murdered soul still fighting to find peace. Can you survive the Corn Maize with out becoming Duncan’s victim? Can you find your way out before the murdered souls find you?