Veggie Volunteers

Veggie Volunteers

We're proud to help members of our community in need by providing locally grown, farm fresh vegetables that they may not have had access to otherwise.


While we live amidst fertile cropland, we know that for many in our community, food insufficiency is an ongoing challenge. That's why for the past decade, we've partnered with the Veggie Volunteer Program at the UNH Cooperative Extension.


 The program is run by Master Gardners. Twice each week, volunteers glean fields and the produce is donated to local food pantries, senior centers, local hospitals, and the County Nursing Home.


In 2015, Sherman Farm donated 13,000 pounds of food worth more than $20,000.
2016 10,953 lbs of food $19,515  7680 meals served

2017 10,012 lbs of food $28,487  9,334 meals served
2018 9830 lbs of food $16,583     12117 meals served


If you'd like more information about Veggie Volunteers or you'd like to join, contact the UNH Cooperative Extension for Carroll County or contact Olivia Saunders at (603) 447-3834.