Sherman Farm Milk

Sherman Farm Milk
Sherman Farm Milk is from cows raised without growth hormones and antibiotics on a family-run farm.

Taste the difference quality makes. Fine wines come in glass bottles–and so does the finest milk!


Superior in quality and processed in small batches to maintain its great taste, Sherman Farm Milk is produced and processed by the Hatch family of Hatchland Farm in North Haverhill, NH. The milk is sold in our signature reusable glass bottles as glass is the best way to ensure a high quality beverage–and you truly can taste the difference!


Year round at the Farm Market, we offer:

  • Skim, Lite 1.5%, Whole
  • Chocolate, Coffee (seasonally) and Strawberry (seasonally)
  • Half and Half
  • Light Cream
  • Heavy Cream
  • Eggnog (seasonally)


You can also find our milk at

  • E.M. Heath, Center Harbor NH
  • Flatbread Co. No. Conway NH
  • Farm to Table Market, Ossipee Nh
  • Freedom Village Store, Freedom NH
  • Grant’s, Glen NH
  • Hannaford, North Conway NH
  • Hannaford, Ossipee NH
  • Harvest Market, Wolfeboro NH
  • Hunters Shop n Save, Wolfeboro NH
  • Jockey Cap Store, Fryeburg ME
  • The Local Grocer, No. Conway NH
  • Margarita Grille, Glen NH
  • Moat Mtn Smokehouse
  • Moulton Farm, Meredith NH
  • White Mtn. Cupcakery, North Conway NH